American Cockroach


American Cockroach Viaduct CBD Auckland

The American cockroach fumigation central Auckland

They are NOT common in Auckland, and are often in established suburbs with older sewer systems. They are most commonly found in high numbers in Auckland sewers. In particular in the warmer month. However they are uncommon in houses and businesses in Auckland. If there is a break or fault in the sewers then they can make an appearance. In one suburb they even appeared to come up from the ground! To establish themselves in a dwelling or business they need two things, (i) a source of heat (ii) a source of food.   They then breed very quickly. They are always a health risk.

Wrongly named they are actually from Africa. They were originally introduced from Africa to America and quickly established themselves in the warmer state of Florida. As a result of being very numerous various warm states of America they came to be known as the American Cockroach.