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Exterminator dispels common myths about killing cockroaches in your home

May 18, 2021

A cockroach exterminator appeared on TVNZ1’s Seven Sharp to dispel a common myth about the creepy crawly.   How to keep cockroaches out of your house this summer The pesky little critters thrive in warmer weather. Source: Seven Sharp Owen Stobart from Aces Pest Control was asked if it’s true you shouldn’t stomp on cockroaches as then their eggs go everywhere only to hatch later. “That’s a myth,” he said. “If you stand on a cockroach, you’re going to kill it and all its eggs. “If, however, you spray the cockroach with fly spray and stress it out, it’ll flick away its ootheca (egg sack), which has 40 new little babies and make the problems worse.” So, in his opinion, “the stamp will do it every time”. Surprisingly, Stobart has a real soft spot for the misunderstood insect. “I quite like them; I find them curious little fellows that wander …

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what is an essential service at the moment?

Apr 12, 2020

What exactly is an essential service during lock down? TVNZs seven sharp went to investigate essential service video

Kiwis warned their houses might soon be invaded by cockroaches

Mar 26, 2020

Recent hot weather has created a perfect breeding ground for cockroaches and experts warn the coming cool weather is going to bring them indoors. Owen Stobart from ACES Pest Control said he has “just recently” seen an increase in cockroaches around Auckland. “On one hand… we’ve seen them more because they reproduce more when it’s hotter, but then you’ll see them more inside houses when the houses cool down to the same temperatures as the gardens.” He explained there are two common types of cockroaches in New Zealand: the German cockroach and the Bush cockroach. gisborne cockroaches auckland Bush cockroaches which normally live outside and are blind and deaf. They are the critters New Zealanders are seeing more of at this time of year. “They live in bark gardens andmoist environments and this sort of warm climate we have been getting, essentially allows them to reproduce quicker and you get …

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ACES pest control is now qualified certificate III Pro trains post graduate course in Timber pests.

Jul 14, 2019

ACES pest control is now qualified certificate III Pro trains post graduate course in Timber pests.   CPPPMT3008 Inspect for and report on timber pests CPPPMT3010 Control timber pests CPPPMT3042 Install physical termite management systems   Owen Stobart graduated with this qualification on the 5th of July 2019  (document number S196/1738)   Owen Stobart also has entry level qualification   CPPMT3005 Manage Pests without Pesticides CPPMT3006 Manage pests by applying pesticides CPPMT3018 Maintain equipement and pesticides storage area in pest management vehicles Both Qualifications are recognised by the Australian Enviromental Pest Manager Association  and PMANZ ( Pest Managment Association of New Zealand) 

pest control north shore auckland cockroaches

Sep 2, 2018

Cockroach extermination Newmarket Auckland It is that time of the year again, when a shout in the middle of the night means my wife spotted one of the most nefarious and vicious insects in the kitchen.  But is the cockroach’s reputation and its ability to evoke fear, justified?  Here are some myths we dispel about our six-legged visitors. (i) Can a cockroach survive a nuclear blast?  NOPE. This is one of the most common myths to be quoted as a fact. The truth is that a cockroach can withstand ten times more radiation than a person, but they would not survive a nuclear event. (ii)Will I get cockroaches if I have a spotless house? YUP. German Cockroaches are hitch hikers e.g. come in on a package or gift or flowers. They don’t care if your home is clean or not- they just get on with making an infestation. Gisborne cockroaches …

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are cockroaches making you ill?

Sep 10, 2017

Choking ON Air New studies show  pest allergens in schools and inner-cities worsen the symptoms of asthmatic children. Asthma is the most common childhood disease in the United States, affecting up to 15 percent of children, mostly in inner-cities. We’ve known for many years that one of the primary causes of asthma in children is the presence of cockroaches. Cockroach droppings, shed skins, dead bodies and egg cases all shed allergens in the form of protein particles, which become airborne and are then inhaled. Some people have an allergic reaction to cockroaches with sneezing and a runny nose. But cockroach allergens can lead to a more serious asthmatic response in sensitive individuals. For inner-city children and the elderly, German cockroaches cause more cases of asthma than pets or dust mites. Recently, several researchers have looked more closely at the role of house mice in childhood asthma. What they found was …

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Gisborne cockroach eradication and control auckland

Aug 12, 2017

New type of cockroach found in Tasmania It’s native to Western Australia and has been found as far away as Gisborne, New Zealand. But never in Tasmania. Until now. The drymaplaneta communis, or the Gisborne cockroach, has arrived. Simon Fearn is the Collections Officer at QVMAG and has been the first to document the new roach’s presence. In February, Simon’s colleague, Judy Rainbird, brought one in she’d caught in her West Launceston backyard. “People in the museum are always on the lookout for things so Judy caught the cockroach and brought it in, and because I’d spent quite a few years on the mainland collecting insects, I recognised the thing straight away.” Finding a single cockroach doesn’t mean an established population, though, since one could have arrived through freight or another means, but then the specimens kept coming. “Over the next few months, she started finding more and more and …

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pest cockroaches tough to get rid of in Auckland

Apr 25, 2017

Why we can’t seem to get rid of cockroaches They’ve been around for the past 300 million years, outlasting the dinosaurs and teaming up with evolution to outsmart our attempts to get rid of them. Now, Japanese researchers at Hokkaido University have revealed yet another reason why we have been unable to put a dent in their populations: female solidarity. Cockroaches, along with termites, snakes and sharks, have long been known to be capable of “virgin birth” or parthenogenesis, a form of asexual reproduction that occurs without fertilization. What is less known are the factors that trigger this process. Is the absence of male cockroaches the only condition necessary for asexual reproduction to take place or does the social environment play a part too? Given that cockroaches are social creatures that live in groups, the Hokkaido University researchers believed that there had to be factors other than male-absent conditions. To …

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cockroach infestation worsens

Oct 21, 2016

Auckland’s cockroach infestation worsens They’re creepy, they’re crawly, and they’re lurking where you’d least want to see them. Newshub has obtained figures from Auckland Council showing cockroach infestations account for 60 percent of food outlet closures in the city. And it seems Auckland’s cockroach woes are worsening. “Our technicians have logged a 55 percent increase in activity compared with last year,” says Jon Thompson, of pest control service Rentokil. “It’s always very much to do with the seasons. Cockroaches will always become more active in the warmer, summer months — and this summer, we had a nice, warm summer that seemed to go on for quite some time.” Central Auckland was the worst represented area but it’s improving, with the number of forced closures dropping year by year. South and east Auckland had a bad year in 2014, but have picked up again. West Auckland has been up and down …

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cockroaches infestations

Oct 21, 2016

Cockroaches and silverfish among 10 hygiene fails  COCKROACHES, silverfish insects and black mould were all found in the kitchen area of a major Scottish hospital during a random check. The kitchen area of the Western General in Edinburgh – one of the country’s major cancer treament centres – was judged to be an “ideal habitat” for cockroaches. And following the inspection, the hospital was marked as ‘Improvement Required’ by Food Standards Scotland. The check was carried out in April this year but has only now been revealed following a Freedom of Information request. Disturbingly, the cockroaches were discovered just two years after the same insects were discovered in the kitchen at the same hospital. The full report from the inspection noted a total of ten contraventions of Food Standards Scotland regulations. Other issues highlighted included flaking walls, dirty chopping boards and damp plaster. The report reads: “The design, construction, sitting …

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